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About Us

About Us

Don't be afraid to make mistakes! A garden is in constant evolution; changes are happening all the time.
Garden Holistics
About Us

In 1998, after 10 years of learning about horticulture, through school and hands on experience, Teresa Matamoros started Garden Holistics Inc.  In 2004, finding too much time was being spent in a truck polluting the environment instead of being spent nurturing the plants that help clean it, Teresa moved the business to the shores of souther Georgian Bay.  Teresa's son, Gabriel, has been a partner in the business since 2004 and has helped to expand Garden Holistics Inc. into a full service landscape company.  

By combining the science of horticulture with expert practices, we're masters at having fun doing what we do best.

Our vision of success includes spaces which enhance our clients' outdoor enjoyment at home, along with profitable growth to fund our highest carreer and business potential.  

Our C.H.I.E.F. Values

Communication: Honest, timely and effective sharing of knowledge.

Humour: Time flies when we’re having fun and laughter is a part of our company language.

Integrity: Punctuality, commitment and keeping promises are key to building loyal relationship

Expertise: Trusted because of our talent and experience.

Fairness: At all levels, every day.

We would love to bring our expertise to your outdoor spaces