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AERATING is critical for a healthy lawn as it de-compacts the soil.  Foot traffic alone, not to mention the lawn mowers, compacts soil to dangerous levels.  When the soil is compacted the pore spaces in the soil necessary for oxygen and water transfer are eliminated (imagine stomping on a bag of popcorn; that's what your soil is like when compacted).  When there is no pore space for water or oxygen then there is no place for the soil microorganisms to carry the nutrients to the roots of the plants.  We use a core aerator which removes a plug of soil and leaves it on the lawn to decompose and go back into the soil food web.  These holes in the lawn are then pathways for the oxygen and water to move in and thus allow for improved rooting of the grass plants. 

TOP DRESSING: is a method of putting back organic material  into the lawn.  On well established lawns we use pelletized compost.  For new or seriously compacted lawns we suggest actual compost to be used as a top dressing.  Either material helps with greening up quickly in the spring and improves moisture holding ability of the soil.  Compost also helps combat fungal diseases in the lawn.

OVER SEEDING: is necessary to create thick stands of turf, which in turn out competes the weeds.  After over seeding, successful germination is dependent on keeping the seed bed moist, which may mean watering the newly seeded area every day for two weeks.

We recommend aerating, top dressing and over seeding be an annual event in your lawn care program.