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Softscape refers to the features in the landscape that are made up of living, horticultural components.  This includes perennial and shrub borders, tree plantings, vegetable gardens as well as lawns. 

Softscapes are a great way to finish off the hardscaping elements of your landscape.  Low ground covers are a great way to soften the edges of a stone patio, for example.  They can also be a complete landscape all on their own.  A few beautiful perennial border gardens connected with paths of lawn or mulch, for example. 

One more important thing to remember when installing softscapes is the soil.  Without a healthy soil, nothing you plant will survive very well.  It is always a good idea to add a good compost to the existing soil to provide nutrients and micro-organisms.  Mulching after planting will also help by keeping weeds out and water in. 

Softscape services we offer

  • Tree planting
  • Shrub and perennial planting
  • Annual planting
  • Soil grading
  • Sodding or seeding