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Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Garden Holistics Inc. will professionally care for your lawn. You can choose between a straight cut (clippings are left on the lawn) or cut and bag (clippings are removed). We use the best lawn equipment to achieve consistent results for your lawn. We also do hand mowing and line trimming.

Our philosophy is to only cut lawns when the lawns need cutting and wherever possible we alter the direction of cut on consecutive visits to help ensure uniform growth. We take the time to check your lawn for any problems in the grass and, when identified, advise you on a timely basis of the problem and recommended solutions. We will re-seed small patches of thin or bare turf areas at no additional charge.

Proper cultural control of your lawns is the best way to get a strong turf stand that is able to muscle out the weeds. The aim is to reduce the need for weed suppression over time.

Please call 519-599-1003 for information or to schedule a lawn care estimate.