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Lawn Services

Lawn Services

Don't be afraid to make mistakes! A garden is in constant evolution; changes are happening all the time.
Garden Holistics
  • Grass Cutting & Trim
  • Straight Cut
  • Cut & Bag
  • Lawn aeration & de-thatching
  • Organic Lawn Care programs
  • Sweeping of winter debris

Spring clean up:  blowing leaves off the lawn and most but not all leaves out of the garden beds (some leaves left in the garden to break down adding to the organic material in the soil.

Fall clean-ups: consist of blowing and or raking the leaves off the lawns to prevent matting on the grass.  If possible we recommend that some leaves get blown into the garden beds to help insulate them and the breakdown of leafy material over the winter improves the condition of the soil with the extra organic material.