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Grounds Management Services

Grounds Management Services

Don't be afraid to make mistakes! A garden is in constant evolution; changes are happening all the time.
Garden Holistics

We strive to enhance and sustain outdoor spaces to have a positive impact on those who spend time in them.  We accomplish this by combining the science of horticulture with expert practices.  We're great at having fun while we do it, too.  

Our expert services include:

  • Garden care
    • Cleanups
    • Maintenance
    • Compost and Mulch
    • Consultation and planning
  • Lawn care
    • Lawn cutting and trimming
    • Cleanups
    • Aerating
    • Topdress and over seeding
    • Lawn care programs
      • fertilizing
      • spraying
  • Seasonal containers and annuals
    • Spring containers
    • Summer containers
    • Fall containers
    • Winter containers
  • Seasonal lighting