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Don't be afraid to make mistakes! A garden is in constant evolution; changes are happening all the time.
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I just wanted to say that I so enjoyed the garden in the spring. There were so many lovely bulbs blooming and they just kept coming, with the palette changing over time. It was just glorious. I especially loved the cooler tones under the pines outside the kitchen. I don't know any names so can't be more specific. But thank you so much for your careful planting, I really appreciated it.

AB in Redwing

“I started working with Teresa Matamoros (Garden Holistics) in 2010, when I consulted her regarding my goals for our garden.  She listened and understood exactly what I was hoping for, then created a design and planting plan to implement my goals.  I asked her to “make me a meadow” and that’s exactly what she has achieved.  Teresa checked my soil, the sun and shade patterns, and the natural plants in the area.  She then planted over 100 varieties of plants throughout the garden.  She also helped me select several different types of trees and planted those as well.  Garden Holistics also maintains my garden for me, coming in to do regular weeding, as well as helping me with adding new plants, pruning and generally “tweaking” the garden as needed.

Throughout the entire process, Teresa has been an absolute joy.  She is completely professional with a vast amount of knowledge regarding plants, trees, and wildlife in the area.  She shares this knowledge which allows me to increase my enjoyment of the garden.  She also is sensitive to budgetary issues, and is happy to work with me to develop the garden over time and minimize the costs and maintenance requirements needed while ensuring that the garden remains healthy.

It’s only been two years, but already my garden is lush and prospering.  I’m excited to see how it develops over the years and thrilled that I can have Teresa and Garden Holistics guiding me along the way.  If you are thinking of doing a new garden, or have a garden already but would like help, I know Teresa and her people at Garden Holistics will provide you with anything you might need with professional, knowledgeable and truly inspirational guidance.”

Linda S from Blue Mountains

 "I discovered Garden Holistics last year when I was certain my lawn was beyond hope.  The Fiesta weed killing treatment and aeration made all the difference.  But in addition, the Garden Holistics team were extremely helpful in offering me advice on what I could do myself, what other services they had to offer that would be helpful, and also gave me some great tips on planning my garden and care of my trees.  Teresa, Gabriel and their team are incredibly helpful, very knowledgable and always pleasant to work with.  I am happy to continue to work with Garden Holistics as part of my yard maintenance plan."

Janine M from Collingwood

"Very happy with how it turned out!!!"

Darryl F from Clarksburg 

"Thanks so much for restructuring my garden around the house.  It is a great improvement and I am very pleased.  You and your team have done a great job and I am very grateful.  I am looking forward to seeing my garden next Spring.  Thanks again!"

 Mary M from Collingwood