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Maintenance Advice

What are some tips for a healthy garden ?

A garden’s health is rooted in the soil. High quality soil provides the necessary nutrients for growth and vigour. Yearly additions of compost and mulches are a natural way to improve or maintain soil quality. 

How do you keep tall flowers healthy?

Tall flowers such as Delphiniums should be staked to protect them from high winds and heavy rain falls.

How do I begin to prune my shrubs?

Proper pruning is very important to the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs. We prune to enhance and emphasize the natural shape, as well as, to maintain the health of the shrubs and small trees.

When pruning shrubs remove the oldest and thickest wood right down to the ground. This allows for rejuvenation by giving more space for the younger shoots, which will provide the future framework of the shrub.

When should I divide my perennials?

Most perennials can be divided in the spring before flowering. Fleshy rooted perennials such as Siberian Iris, Oriental Poppy, and Peony should be divided in autumn, the division being done about 6 weeks before killing frost. Spring flowering plants can be divided right after flowering in May.

How do I keep my garden looking its best?

Weeding, cultivating and edging are paramount to keeping your garden looking its best. Deadheading helps with continued flower production. Keep planting in July to a minimum and transplant and divide with care.

When is the appropriate time for pruning?

Reasons to prune:

  • to remove dead, diseased or broken branches,
  • to remove crossing or rubbing branches
  • for better air flow to reduce chance of pests and disease
  • to enhance natural shape,
  • for better flower and fruit production

Click here for a list of shrubs and their pruning schedules.

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