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Garden Care Team: Cheryl

​Cheryl has been been ​garden and flower-​obsessed ​since childhood. It began with annual trips to Cullen Gardens with her Gramma, and really blossomed when ​as a stay​-at​-home Mom​, Cheryl​ built gardens all over ​her yard as a hobby​. Once her kids were off to school, Cheryl decided to take the leap into getting paid to do what she loves. A decade later, ​she has honed her passion for creating living art using plants and nature as her medium. 
​Cheryl’s favourite plant in the landscape is ​definitely ​Echinacea – a Garden Holistics favourite ​as well! And her ​most unique experience at work? Finding ​a cherished diamond ring one of her clients thought was lost forever!
When she’s not at work, you’ll likely find Cheryl gardening at home! She also loves fishing, hiking, and camping with her kids & dog.


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