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We strive to enhance and sustain outdoor spaces to have a positive impact on those who spend time in them. We accomplish this by combining the science of horticulture with expert practices. We’re great at having fun while we do it, too.

Garden Care

Gardens are a beautiful part of the landscape that offers many health and environmental benefits. They are a living organism and they grow and change over time. It is important to care for and maintain a newly planted or newly cleaned up garden to keep its beauty and health. Garden care addresses primarily the care and maintenance of existing garden beds. Whether you require a simple spring cleaning or ongoing maintenance, you can expect the same consistent attention to detail. Our work is informed by the desire to establish long term health in all the gardens we work in by bringing a holistic approach to our work, from soil to leaf.

Garden Clean Up

Spring garden clean up and fall garden clean up

Garden Planning

Discover ways of improving your garden with an expert consultation.

Lawn Care

Garden Holistics Inc. will professionally care for your lawn. You can choose between a straight cut (clippings are left on the lawn) or cut and bag (clippings are removed). We use the best lawn equipment to achieve consistent results for your lawn. We also do hand mowing and line trimming.

Our philosophy is to only cut lawns when the lawns need cutting and wherever possible we alter the direction of cut on consecutive visits to help ensure uniform growth. We take the time to check your lawn for any problems in the grass and, when identified, advise you on a timely basis of the problem and recommended solutions. We will re-seed small patches of thin or bare turf areas at no additional charge.

Proper cultural control of your lawns is the best way to get a strong turf stand that is able to muscle out the weeds. The aim is to reduce the need for weed suppression over time.

Lawn Services

Grass cutting and trim, lawn aeration & de-thatching.

Organic Lawn Care

Each program is tailored to help your lawns be the healthiest they can be.

Seasonal Containers

Seasonal containers provide interest for your property all year round. Punctuate your entrance, front or back, or use window boxes filled with seasonal flowers or foliage plants to give that extra special seasonal look to your home.

Lots of colour or interesting foliage plants, Garden Holistics can create a seasonal container sure to please you and your guests!

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