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Garden Clean Up

In the south Georgian bay area we get winter. What this means for our gardens is that they require some additional work to either get them ready for the winter (in the fall) or wake them up (in the spring). Cleanups can be done in either season, however, there are certain things that are better to be done in the fall vs. the spring and vice versa. For these reasons sometimes both a spring and a fall cleanup are recommended.

Spring Cleanup:

  • Cut new edges on garden beds bordered by turf.
  • Cut down perennials that were left for the winter due to fall flowering or winter interest
  • Cut down grasses that were strong enough to support the winter snow load
  • Weed
  • Split overgrown perennials
  • Prune flowering shrubs that bloom on current years growth
  • Prune non flowering shrubs

Fall Cleanup:

  • Cut down perennials that have begun to senesce (die back)
  • Split perennials
  • Cut down grasses that won’t stand up to the snow load
  • Weed

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