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If you are planning a new garden I can assist you from the start.

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“My garden looks tired/messy/boring/too big/too small.”

Garden Consultation

Whatever the reason, it makes good sense to call me for a consultation to discover ways of improving your garden. I will review your garden and discuss with you what your expectations are for your garden. I can then make suggestions for ways in which your garden can become the kind of garden you would like it to be. Gardens are personal and so is my approach to gardening. Whether you prefer a formal garden or a whimsical one I have the knowledge and experience to make it so.

If sickly plants are your concern and you do not know what the problem is I can diagnose the situation and advise you on the proper course of action to take. Where possible I will suggest natural solutions.

If you are planning a new garden I can assist you from the start, not only in choosing and locating the plant materials, but also in deciding which order things should be done in, especially If the garden cannot be completed all at once and needs to be phased in.

Teresa Matamoros

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