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Here is a list of our lawn services.

Lawn Services

Spring clean up:  Collecting leaves and sticks off the lawn and most, but not all, leaves out of the garden beds (some leaves left in the garden to break down, will add to the organic material in the soil); sweeping gravel and sand off the lawn left behind by winter snow clearing; raking heavily thatched areas and areas affected by some funghi.

Fall clean-up: Collecting the leaves and sticks off the lawns to prevent matting on the grass.  If possible we recommend that some leaves get blown into the garden beds to help insulate them and to breakdown over the winter to improve the condition of the soil through the addition of extra organic matter.

  • Grass Cutting & Trim, Straight Cut, Cut & Bag
  • Lawn aeration & de-thatching
  • Organic Lawn Care programs
  • Sweeping of winter debris

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