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Landscape Construction Foreman: Harrison Rainey, Red Seal Certified Landscape Horticulturalist

Harrison grew up in a landscaping family, and has been working on sites since the ripe old age of 17! His favourite part of creating a landscape is getting to experience the transformation, and sharing the excitement of the finished product with his clients. Bonus points if the job site is on the bay!

More than a decade of landscaping has provided Harrison some pretty unqiue experiences. There was the time he found 5 baby chipmunks under an old concrete patio, and raised them for 2 months before taking them to a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Then there was the time a client took Harrison out on his boat so he could view the work he’d done from the water! 

Harrison loves to rock climb, and spends his winters travelling to new climbing destinations. You can also find him in our amazing area skiing and fly fishing. 




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Thornbury, Ontario

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