Aerial view of a stone and wood house with a terraced garden, outdoor seating areas, a lawn path, and a fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs.
Aerial view of a backyard with a rectangular swimming pool, patio area with seating, hot tub, and manicured lawn bordered by a fence and trees.
A lush garden with various plants and trees in front of a modern house obscured by foliage. A prominent number "132" displayed on a stone panel.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed having this family team work with my family. Their organic approach to design and care of my gardens is very much appreciated.”

— Angela Marritt

“I just wanted to say that I so enjoyed the garden in the spring. There were so many lovely bulbs blooming, and they just kept coming, with the palette changing over time. It was just glorious. I especially loved the cooler tones under the pines outside the kitchen… thank you so much for your careful planting, I really appreciated it.”

— Adam B. in Redwing

“Thanks so much for restructuring my garden around the house. It is a great improvement, and I am very pleased. You and your team have done a great job, and I am very grateful. I am looking forward to seeing my garden next Spring. “

— Mary M. from Collingwood

“I discovered Garden Holistics last year when I was certain my lawn was beyond hope… The Garden Holistics team was extremely helpful in offering me advice on what I could do myself and what… services they had to offer that would be helpful, and also gave me some great tips on planning my garden and care of my trees. Teresa, Gabriel and their team are incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable and always pleasant to work with. I am happy to continue to work with Garden Holistics as part of my… maintenance plan.”

— Janine M. from Collingwood

“I have used Garden Holistics for many years, and this week they did a fabulous job constructing stone front steps. I am more than happy with the work!! Thank you, Gabriel, for your conscientious attention to detail and fantastic suggestions to improve my ideas of what would be good.”

— Angela M. from Collingwood

“I started working with Garden Holistics in 2010, when I consulted Teresa regarding my goals for our garden. She listened and understood exactly what I was hoping for, then created a design and planting plan to implement my goals. I asked her to “make me a meadow” and that’s exactly what she has achieved.”

— Linda S. from Thornbury
The image is a monochrome depiction of a variety of plants, possibly a garden scene, with an overlay that obscures details and creates a ghostly effect.
This image depicts a stylized drawn tree with a thick trunk and many leaves. The colors are muted, giving a tranquil and ethereal appearance.
Three people are standing together smiling in a greenhouse, wearing matching purple hoodies with a logo, surrounded by large green leafy plants.
This image shows a logo for Landscape with a green tree illustraion, the tagline "Green for Life," and mentions the Horticultural Trades Association.
This image shows a green and white emblem for the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) indicating membership and "ON STAFF" status. It includes a tree graphic.
This is a logo with text stating "WE ARE A LIVING WAGE EMPLOYER" inside a green hexagon with blue borders, alongside a web address "" below.
A vibrant planter filled with assorted flowers, ornamental cabbages, and red chili peppers against a wooden background with tall dried plants.