Landscape Design & Build

We build spaces which allow our clients to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors at home.

Garden Care

By combining the science of horticulture with expert gardening practices, we care for your outdoor spaces to ensure they thrive.

Lawn Care

Our philosophy is to care for the lawn from the soil up to maintain its beauty and health. 
We offer organic Lawn Care programs.

Seasonal Lighting

Buy lights or rent them from us. We install them and take them down and store them.

Seasonal Containers

Beautiful seasonal pots for your entrance, or window boxes filled with flowers and foliage plants.

Garden Planning

If you are planning a new or improved garden, we can assist you from the start.

lawn care garden care firepit
Beaver Valley Landscape

Educated, Healthy Landscape Choices

Garden Holistics emphasizes natural methods to sustain the beauty of your lawn and gardens. We look at your property as a whole, from the roots and soil, to the grass, flowers, shrubs and trees.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Work

“I discovered Garden Holistics last year when I was certain my lawn was beyond hope. The Fiesta weed killing treatment and aeration made all the difference. The Garden Holistics team were extremely helpful in offering me advice on what I could do myself.

“I started working with Teresa Matamoros (Garden Holistics) in 2010, when I consulted her regarding my goals for our garden. She listened and understood exactly what I was hoping for, then created a design and planting plan to implement my goals. “

“I just wanted to say that I so enjoyed the garden in the spring. There were so many lovely bulbs blooming and they just kept coming, with the palette changing over time. It was just glorious. I especially loved the cooler tones under the pines outside the kitchen. “

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We have over 25 years experience gardening and landscaping organically. We would love to bring our expertise to your home. Get in touch. Ask any question or book a consultation.