A group of people in matching purple jackets smiling outdoors, with tall conifer trees and a clear blue sky in the background.
The image shows a patterned floor with various sized white tiles, some reflecting light, offering a clean, minimalist look suitable for backgrounds.
Three people, wearing purple shirts, are gardening outdoors. They plant flowers alongside a stone-edged bed with greenery and a wheelbarrow nearby.
A smiling person is peeking through vibrant pink flowers in a sunny garden with a traditional house and lush greenery in the background.
A person is kneeling on a deck, measuring with a tape measure, wearing a purple shirt, cap, and yellow ear protection. A speed square tool is beside them.
This image depicts a stylized drawn tree with a thick trunk and many leaves. The colors are muted, giving a tranquil and ethereal appearance.
A cozy outdoor fire pit with Adirondack chairs in front of a log cabin during twilight. The steps are illuminated, enhancing the warm, inviting ambiance.
Three people in matching outfits are standing beside a white pickup truck with gardening tools, under a clear blue sky.