A lush garden with various plants and trees in front of a modern house obscured by foliage. A prominent number "132" displayed on a stone panel.
Lush garden with white flowering plants in a raised black bed, against a house with grey siding, under bright sunlight with green foliage.
A charming house with cedar shingles nestled among lush greenery under a clear blue sky. Bright red berries adorn a nearby tree.
Flower bed with a white overlay
An elegantly landscaped garden with large rocks and flowering plants nestled between smooth, rectangular stone steps, surrounded by lush greenery.
Lush garden with vibrant flowers and shrubs against a fence, under weeping trees. Varied textures and colors create a serene, well-tended landscape.
A vibrant garden with lush flowers, green lawn, stone steps, a wooden shed, and a small swimming pool on a sunny day.
A vibrant garden with pink, white, and yellow flowers in front of a stone house with a porch and blue sky.