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By combining the science of horticulture with expert gardening practices, we care for your outdoor spaces to ensure they thrive.

Gardening is our passion at Garden Holistics. Whether you require a one-time spring clean-up or ongoing maintenance, you can expect the same consistent attention to detail from our team.

With several Certified Horticultural Technicians and an ISA Certified Arborist on staff, our work is informed by the desire to establish long term health in all the gardens we work in. We bring a holistic approach to our work, from soil to leaf.

Garden Care

Gardens are a beautiful part of the landscape that offer many health and environmental benefits. We view gardens as a living organism that grow and change over time. It is important to care for a newly planted – or newly cleaned up – garden to retain its beauty and health.

Our Garden Care programs address the needs and maintenance of your existing garden beds. We are always monitoring for issues as they arise, and looking for opportunities to nurture your plants as they mature, so that you can focus on enjoying your property!

Garden Clean Ups

Get your gardens ready for winter in the fall, or wake them up in the spring.

Garden Care Services

We typically visit the gardens under our care bi-weekly to keep them healthy from the soil up.

Lawn Care

Our philosophy is to care for the lawn to maintain its beauty and health. We cut only when the grass needs cutting, and wherever possible we alternate the direction of cut on consecutive visits to help ensure uniform growth. Our Lawn Care program includes re-seed small patches of thin or bare turf areas at no additional charge. We take the time to check your lawn for any issues in the grass and, when identified, advise you – with recommended solutions.

Proper cultural control of your lawns is the best way to get a strong turf that is able to muscle out the weeds. The aim is to reduce the need for weed suppression over time.

*Our Lawn Care program for the 2023 season is currently full. Please contact us to be notified if space in our route opens up.*

Lawn Services

Grass cutting, line trimming, lawn aeration & de-thatching, top dress & overseeding.

Organic Lawn Care

Each program is tailored to help your lawns be the healthiest they can be.

Seasonal Décor

We don’t stop at maintaining the fixtures on your property.

Seasonal Containers provide stunning visual interest for your property all year. Punctuate your entrance, front porch or back deck. Use window boxes filled with seasonal flowers or foliage plants to give that remarkable seasonal look to your home.

Our team can create a seasonal container sure to please you and your guests!

Holiday Lighting is one of our favourite ways to add wow-factor and outdoor enjoyment to your property during the dark winter months. There is nothing more inviting than an outdoor space bejeweled with twinkling lights. Create immaculate lines along your eaves, or wrap your trees. Warm white is the most popular choice, but we are able to source LEDs in any colour of the rainbow.

Work with us on maintaining your property.

Here’s what to expect when you contact us. 

1) Book A Consultation

We’ll start with a phone call and a visit to your property to access your needs and how we can best help.

2) Review your Property Care plan

Next, we’ll send you a customized Property Care plan. This plan will include everything you need to know: the scope of work, pricing, and payment options.

3) Enjoy your property!

Once you have approved your plan, you can rest easy knowing your property is being taken care of by our team of experts.

Property Care Services


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