Garden Planning

Planning a new garden? Let us help.

What we do

If you are planning a new or improved garden, we can assist you from the start.

Gardening is our passion at Garden Holistics. Whether you have mature established gardens that need rejuvination, or a blank canvas around a new home, we can work with you to cultivate the garden of your dreams.

With several Certified Horticultural Technicians and an ISA Certified Arborist on staff, our work is informed by the desire to establish long term health in all the gardens we work in. We bring a holistic approach to our work, from soil to leaf.

Garden Consultation

Teresa Matamoros Garden Holistics

Is a Garden Planning Consultation right for you? A consultation is the right first step if you are dreaming of a particularly unique or purposeful garden. 

Our Garden Planning Consultations are an opportunity for our Head Horticulturist – and company founder – to spend an hour on your property discussing your goals and visions for your gardens. Teresa will provide deeply informed, and knowledgeable advice on what plants and tasks will get you where you want to go. 

If you are planning to move your garden forward on your own – bring a pen or pencil!

If you would prefer to have us complete the work for you, the consultation fee will be credited to your account.

Our Head Horticulturist

Learn more about Teresa’s approach to gardening, and what you can achieve with a Consultation.

Gardening Projects

If your garden objectives are more straightforward, let’s get straight to estimating your gardening project, and discuss a time line for having it planted!

Perhaps you know you want help planting something sustainable, low maintenance, and beautiful year-round? We know just the plants. Or you have a mature garden that got away from you during a busy year? We can get all your beds cleaned up, and back under control. Do you know where you want a new garden bed, and what you want planted? We can help with that too!  P.S. we love planting new trees as well!

There is no fee associated with estimates for new garden installations, garden cleanups, or planting.

Garden Clean Ups

Get your existing gardens back into shape with a garden cleanup anytime during the summer.

Ongoing Garden Care Services

Need help keeping your gardens thriving? We offer bi-weekly garden care.

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